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Hospital-Grade Monitoring at Home

Masimo is committed to helping hospitals transition patient care to home settings. With easy-to-use, hospital-grade monitoring solutions for use in the home, clinicians can provide high quality data and reliable continuous monitoring for patients requiring remote care.

Masimo SET® Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion™ Pulse Oximetry

Masimo SET® Measure-through Motion and Low Perfusion™ Pulse Oximetry


Masimo's breakthrough Signal Extraction Technology® (SET®)—available for use in the home—overcomes the limitations of conventional pulse oximetry with the ability to measure through motion and low perfusion. Multiple studies have demonstrated that Masimo SET® outperforms conventional pulse oximetry technologies.1 In one study comparing the ability of three pulse oximetry technologies to detect hypoxic events, Masimo SET® pulse oximetry demonstrated the highest sensitivity and specificity during induced conditions of motion and low perfusion.2

Performance During Motion and Low Perfusion2

Masimo - Performance During Motion and Low Perfusion

Masimo SET® had 3% missed true alarms and 5% false alarms versus 43% and 28%, respectively, using competitor technology.2

Results shown are calculated by combining sensitivity and specificity outcomes of machine-generated and volunteer-generated motion.

At Masimo, innovation never stops. After these studies were published, Masimo achieved significant accuracy specification improvements for RD SET® sensors, improving from 3% ARMS to 1.5% ARMS* in conditions of motion.

Home Monitoring and Telemedicine Solutions

Home Monitoring and Telemedicine Solutions

Masimo - Woman relaxing with Radius PPG and Radius T devices

Masimo supplies a range of advanced home care solutions that help ensure you can monitor with confidence from a distance, including:

  • Secure home-based patient management with Masimo SafetyNet™, which combines tetherless pulse oximetry, respiration rate, and temperature measurements with a remote data capture and surveillance platform
  • Compact, hospital-grade portable monitors with supplemental remote monitoring
  • Automated remote care that facilitates the collection of physiological data and patient responses, while providing notification and guidance
  • Portable spot-check monitoring of SpO2, pulse rate, and respiration rate with the MightySat® Rx fingertip pulse oximeter, featuring clinically proven Masimo SET® technology

Versatile, Connectable Monitor

Versatile, Connectable Monitor

Masimo - Rad-97

Rad-97® is a compact, versatile Pulse CO-Oximetry platform featuring Masimo SET® pulse oximetry, optional integrated noninvasive blood pressure, and a responsive, intuitive multi-touch display that is easy to use for clinicians and non-clinicians alike. Home Mode on Rad-97 provides home users access only to relevant settings and messages, while hiding others and locking alarm settings, minimizing the chances of inadvertent interference. Rad-97 also facilitates advanced connectivity with local hospital electronic medical records (EMRs), enabling the automatic transmission of patient data.






Pulse Rate


Perfusion Index


Pleth Variability Index


Respiration Rate from the Pleth


Continuous Body Temperature




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  3. *ARMS accuracy is a statistical calculation of the difference between device measurements and reference measurements. Approximately two-thirds of the device measurements fell within +/- ARMS of the reference measurements in a controlled study.


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Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. See instructions for use for full prescribing information, including indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions.