Masimo's Premier Service Plan

Concierge+ is a comprehensive service plan that supports Masimo’s automation platform. Concierge+ pairs bedside device and IT systems coverage with clinical and technical support to maximize your efficiency and confidence, providing:

  • The latest features and enhancements through continual software updates
  • Peak equipment functionality through hardware warranties and service
  • Optimal deployment of systems through project management and training

Concierge+ Features

Concierge+ Features


Bedside Device Coverage

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  • Bedside device hardware warranty and repair
  • Battery replacement
  • Accidental damage
  • Fluid intrusion
  • Performance verification
  • Device repair and replacement

IT Systems Coverage

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  • Masimo systems hardware warranty and repair
  • Masimo bedside device software updates
  • Server software maintenance and updates
  • Desktop software maintenance and updates
  • Mobile application software maintenance and updates
  • EMR interface software maintenance
  • Third-party device driver maintenance
  • Iris® Device Management System for Masimo bedside devices

Clinical and Technical Support

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  • Phone support
  • Remote VPN support
  • On-site technical support
  • On-site clinical training
  • Installation and project management services

Learn More About Masimo Technical Services

Learn More About Masimo Technical Services


Technical Services


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